Rent Guarantee Services


Homebridge Housing Ltd offers a genuine and far more cost effective method of renting your property compared to the open market. It costs you absolutely nothing.

We provide a friendly and honest rent guarantee service, allowing you financial security and avoidance of the dishonesty & clandestine behaviour often associated with letting on the open market.

Homebridge Housing legally undertake to pay your rent into your nominated bank account on a fixed date every month, for the duration of our agreement, with no commission to pay whatsoever.

Homebridge Housing also offers a very comprehensive property management service with our guaranteed rent service, which is absolutely free of charge.

We charge no commissions to our landlords whatsoever, and differ from all other rent guarantee providers as we place our own clients in your property and will pay your rent even if we have the property empty. We do not sublet; we only provide daily licences to occupiers and will only ever have one family unit in each property.

Homebridge Housing offer a significantly different guarantee service when compared to competitor providers. We do not undercut your rent and do not pay you way below market value in order to make profit. Other providers often sublet the property to DSS/housing benefit tenants or tenants with little or no vetting procedures in place, giving you a vicarious liability to an unknown quantity. Whereas, our occupiers come directly from our private & public sector clients.

The agreement is only ever between Homebridge Housing Ltd and you, we become your tenant; thus providing more reliability than a typical tenant. Giving you comfort, surety and most importantly financial security.

We encourage landlords to refer to our testimonials before they get in touch to see how we can provide them with the financial security they deserve.