Property Management


Homebridge Housing Ltd provide property management with muscle! Our service provides an effective service with a friendly & personal touch.

Our property management service is as comprehensive as you can get and the sheer size of our portfolio gives us strength in economies of scale.

We protect your property with expert property managers always on hand to respond to the smallest or most complex of issues.

Effective property management consists of forecasting, planning, organising, coordinating and being pro-active and through our communications between you, our occupiers and our contractors; we are always up to date with our portfolio.

We forecast potential issues dependant on factors such as weather, local geographical variations and seasonal changes throughout the year.

Our experience gives us an invaluable advantage; we know what to expect and not much takes us by surprise. Our property management skills have been honed & defined throughout our 15 year history. We plan, we create solutions, we organise, we coordinate and we react.

Above all property management boils down to communication, and with over a decade and a half in the industry we know a thing or two about communication.