What is a Rent Guarantee Scheme

Guaranteed rent schemes have hit the headlines over the past few years and not always for the right reasons but as they become more commonplace with better regulations the dream situation for landlords can be a reality.

Guaranteed rent works like this – a Landlord, tired of void periods and property management wants to continue to enjoy his rental income but no longer wants the common hassles associated with the industry so hands his property over to a Rent Guarantee provider. A Rent Guarantee provider is essentially a letting agent but one who will sign a contract with the Landlord to say that, even when the property is empty, the landlord will receive rental income for each month within the given timeframe. Rent Guarantee providers will also deal with property maintenance on behalf of the landlord as part of the contract. In a nutshell, Rent Guarantee providers relieve property owners of landlord burdens while allowing them all of the benefits.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It’s not.

At Homebridge Housing we have an understanding of landlord requirements which allows us to build the bridge between them and tenants. Landlords want their properties to be accommodated and cared for while tenants want a comfortable, well presented place to live but in the real world landlords can’t always find the tenants and tenants can’t always find the home they want; that’s where we come in.

Like letting agents we work with landlords to take properties to tenants but we guarantee the landlord will receive full rental income for 12 months of the year while maintaining the property too. Our service gives landlords exactly what they need.

If you are considering entering into a rent guarantee arrangement call us with your questions; our transparent approach will give you peace of mind.

We work with landlords all over London so wherever your property may be we can guarantee your rental income.