The truth about Rent Guarantee Schemes in London

Most landlords in London will have heard about Guaranteed Rent Schemes and most will have heard some of the historical horror stories surrounding them. Here we explain how Rent Guarantee Schemes can and do work.

Myth 1: Rent Guarantee Providers will inevitably fail to pay Landlords.

It is a large undertaking for any business to guarantee Landlords a rental income for a set period of time which is why at Homebridge we work with external bodies to ensure a steady rental income. This is how we really can guarantee rental income and give landlords peace of mind.

Myth 2: Rent Guarantee providers charge high rates to cover void periods

The critics warn that rent guarantee providers charge high rates to ensure they have enough in the bank to cover void periods: in other words, if you are paying your rent guarantee agent a fee you are effectively covering your own rental income when the property is void.

We do not charge a fee for any aspect of our service, simply tell us the rental value of the property and let us deal with the rest.

Myth 3: It’s a scheme; that means they’re up to something…

Part of the stigma surrounding rent guarantee schemes comes from the name. When they were first devised Rent Guarantee Schemes may have been just that but with our approach a more appropriate title might be Rent Guarantee Solution as with a constant rental income and expert property management it really is the solution.

In a nutshell

When entering into a rent guarantee agreement with an agent ensure you read the fine print and watch out for high charges.

Homebridge Housing Ltd. provides rent guarantee solutions for Landlords in London. By entering into an agreement with us you will enjoy rental income on time each month, for the duration of your contract, while your property is managed and maintained to the highest standard on your behalf.

If you are a Landlord troubled by rent free periods and property maintenance hassles and you would like to know how we can make your life easier then contact us.

Let’s hear it from the owners

Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials to hear how our Guaranteed Rent Scheme works for other, experienced landlords.