Guaranteed Rent Scheme or Rent Guarantee Solution

The word scheme has devious connotations so when we hear about Rent Guarantee Schemes we automatically assume that someone is up to something don’t we?

Guaranteed Rent Schemes have come under a lot of scrutiny in the past because they were just that, “schemes”, but things are changing…

Today we ask when does a rent guarantee “scheme” become a rent guarantee solution? And by solution we mean, to give it its correct definition, a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

The problem, in this case, is void periods. All landlords from those with one property to those with one hundred understand the pressures of void periods, months where the rental property is empty and there is no rental income, but what is the solution?

We at Homebridge Housing Ltd. have it.

Most landlords would agree that it would sound too good to be true to hand over a property to an agent who would guarantee rental income for a set period of time. Who can ensure that there will be no void/income free periods and how?

Not the agents of the past who gained rent guarantee schemes their bad reputation but the agents of the future who work ethically with landlords and the community while ensuring that properties are well managed and well maintained.

Homebridge Housing have over 15 years’ experience in the property industry and that coupled with a passion for helping people who have been made homeless through fire, flood, burglary and other such things leaves them with the key to the void period problem.

Combining their knowledge and experience Homebridge Housing can provide an ethical solution for landlords who are tired of void periods, guaranteeing to bring them rental income each month for the duration of their agreement while maintaining and managing the property on behalf of the landlord.

Professional landlady Gisele Foursac says,

“I have rented out two if my former homes with Homebridge Housing and I must say I have been utterly delighted, not only with the service and the consistency of the rent but also the condition the properties are kept in, the level of communication and the efficiency in which they go about managing every aspect of our relationship as well as my properties.

It was a brave decision not to let through the private market but dealing with Homebridge has been financially beneficial and is one less headache in my busy life!”

The evidence would now suggest that the infamous “Rent Guarantee Scheme” has become a good solution for landlords who are tired of the burdens of void periods.

If you are letting a property in London and you would like to know more about Guaranteed Rental Income then contact us.

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