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Foreclosure London

There is a common misconception that only those with consistent financial problems manage to lose their house but in fact many are simply victims of circumstance and inner-city house prices, deserving of understanding and a second chance. Several London boroughs are national hotspots for homelessness. Croydon has a repossession rate of 4.1 (644 per 1,000 […]

Could rent guarantee schemes change the London Lettings market?

According to the Valuation Office the average cost of rent in inner London hit £1,500 last Autumn with the most expensive areas being Kensington and Chelsea, however, with other figures suggesting that more landlords are choosing to sell because the market is more open, what is the shape of things to come for letting in […]

The truth about Rent Guarantee Schemes in London

Most landlords in London will have heard about Guaranteed Rent Schemes and most will have heard some of the historical horror stories surrounding them. Here we explain how Rent Guarantee Schemes can and do work. Myth 1: Rent Guarantee Providers will inevitably fail to pay Landlords. It is a large undertaking for any business to […]

Guaranteed Rent Scheme or Rent Guarantee Solution

The word scheme has devious connotations so when we hear about Rent Guarantee Schemes we automatically assume that someone is up to something don’t we? Guaranteed Rent Schemes have come under a lot of scrutiny in the past because they were just that, “schemes”, but things are changing… Today we ask when does a rent […]

What is a Rent Guarantee Scheme

Guaranteed rent schemes have hit the headlines over the past few years and not always for the right reasons but as they become more commonplace with better regulations the dream situation for landlords can be a reality. Guaranteed rent works like this – a Landlord, tired of void periods and property management wants to continue to […]